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The Center for Awareness, Training and Development provides an unbeatable consultancy service that is both relevant and informative with respect to risqué business issues. Their solutions have helped us pave a road map to achieve our business goals, without wasting unnecessary time.

Haider Miraj
Director, Askolay

Enrolling into CATDs training programs can not only help small business owners understand key financial and marketing techniques, it’s a gold mine for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn leadership and managerial techniques.

Osama izhar
Founder/CEO , Concept unlimited

Any business can flourish by acquiring professional advice from accomplished individuals of the respective fields. Our consulting services help individuals, teams, and organizations of all kinds to sustain, grow, and thrive. over the years through our expert consultants, we helped our clients to impart, improve and accelerate human systems, processes, structures, and performances by identifying and resolving problems, closing the gap between the current and desired state of work and achieving desired outcomes and sustainable results as agreed with clients.

And these services are brought to your doorstep under the umbrella of CATD with its experienced professionals.

Range of industries

Consulting Features

Our renowned consulting coaching programs will help you to:

  • Identify the real-time problems
  • Avail customized solutions
  • Accomplishing Short-Term Goals
  • Expend the product/services
  • Manage best practices effectively
  • Implement Company Culture & Employee Engagement
  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
  • Bring new life to an organization

Our Work History Sector-Wise

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Our Solutions

The services we provide include training, business development, resource management, recruiting, training, human resources, and much more. We help our clients in acquiring their goals as an organization with our highly motivated workforce that optimizes business productivity and enhances the work performance of your force. We provide our clients an easily adaptable environment. Encouraging our clients to invest their resources to ensure that employees have the right capabilities, skills, and remuneration need to work effectually in a swiftly shifting and hybrid environment.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management, anywhere from 25 to 50% of a company’s gross revenue is spent on labor, ask yourself Are you developing the next generation of leaders or merely selecting them? Does your existing substructure strengthen or inhibit the behaviors necessary for supportable enhancement?

We offer you solutions customized specifically for your procedural and psychological elements. Our Human Capital development programs are reinforced with material that embraces and builds the big picture.

Our suite of organizational development will readily provide both staff and management, and we are here to help embrace both large and small businesses alike in assessing and reassessing the organizational infrastructure. With our effective and cohesive way, we provide the best results for your firm. Also, you can find the best recommendations and better plans for plans.

 We are ensuring the success of your organization by making plans that are readily implemented and that provides ease for your business in the near future. Our Organizational Development strategies and services include:

  • Building & Managing a Remote Workforce for Your Organization
  • Company Culture & Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Multigenerational Workforce Consulting & Training Services
  • Organizational Assessment & Design
  • Team Development
  • Meet Our Organizational Development Team

You will come across many that work hard but still struggle to make both ends meet in life. On the same end, millions of employers face lower productivity, and the Skill Gap remains the root of these problems. With the inability to find workers with the right skills, many are forced to settle for low-wage or low-skilled recruitments.

To help bridge the skill gaps, we work with nonprofit foundations and help enable the ones seeking jobs to find the perfect match for their set of skills. We give them access to in-demand and well-paying careers that may help them support their families. We do all this by:

  • Providing customized strategy and operational planning support to help clients surface and scale workforce and employment solutions.
  • Researching the latest barriers, gaps, opportunities, and solutions across the workforce and employment ecosystem to inform decision-making.
  • Designing and facilitating high-impact meetings that bring together stakeholders from across the ecosystem to learn, connect, and explore collaborations.

Success in the global perspective is deeply rooted in the participation of the Youth and the Women of the state. Progressive societies function on artistically developed strategies meant to nurture and empower the youth while ensuring a women-inclusive society. Creating massive opportunities at work and increasing social protection for the female gender is a major concern of CATD.

Awareness of social empowerment is as essential as life skills, and there are numerous programs especially committed to fulfilling this purpose, which a strategic plan can accomplish.

At CATD, Awareness is one of our primary concerns; creating an empowered and well-aware society is the cause we are striving for. With programs like “Women Employability Summit,” we continuously promote this motive across the board. We believe in providing equal opportunities for all to grow and express themselves on local and global platforms, for which CATD has introduced.

  • Awareness workshops
  • Empowerment conferences
  • Training programs for skills enhancement
  • Women Employability Summit
  • Empowerment campaigns and virtual sessions
  • Business Strategies & Solutions

Supporting clients from large-scale businesses to startups, our strategy and services help them convert into a meaningful business. Our team works with companies on strategic planning and best practices in various projects. In our world, we offer the best practices gained from various experiences worldwide. Companies are striving to adapt and to keep up with the innovative pace like never before. That is because customer expectations are increasing and evolving with time.

To adapt to the change, the companies must put forward their talents, introduce new products or services, produce alternative approaches to their services with better quality, and make new models for their business. Setting goals and developing plans is our main focus and makes the implementation process much more manageable. With an expert panel of professionals in the corporate industry and qualified business consultants, CATD can prove to be very helpful in providing you with successfully implemented business solutions that are according to your customized need.

Training needs assessment to ensure that your learning is worth it, allowing us to look into your work and organize the objectives and goals of your business so that learning is possible. By understanding your needs, CATD determines the gaps that need to be filled. This way, we can produce and develop training sessions that are effective and work best for you.  The findings are the guide for aligning the organization’s current needs and thus implement counter-strategies for that. And this is what Training Need Assessment is all about, which is meant to obtain a blueprint that can be followed ahead during the training program.

At CATD, we understand that the core of training lies in being open to growth and learning at every step. Thus, assessment-based learning is utilized as our central approach for the capacity building of our clients.

The process that takes the goals, objectives, learning, and implementation all into consideration and is a comprehensive guide to what one should know and should be able to do. It comprises specifically educational and training programs. CATD has developed a superior service that serves in a great deal of time. We invest in the best ideas and design an educational program.

Curriculum development is an ongoing and multi-step service program with our highly skilled professionals who adhere to years of experience in education and training. These experts plan the curriculum starting by assessing and understanding the issues and develop the right plan. The results we provide are all the utensils required for coaches to involve audiences and convey their message. CATD is functioning with a panel of professionals who have their expertise in the Training and Development industry and a clear insight into the Curriculum Design perspective.

Thus, our Training Need Assessment is accompanied by all the content related to the subject, descriptive subject matter, and various interactive activities.

Operating a program isn’t as easy as it requires constant monitoring of the data and implemented processes to evaluate the result and outcomes from those utilized procedures. We help NGOs and FBO’s in evaluating their programs and performances. At the same time, the demand for monitoring and evaluation increases with the developing countries, which requires more significant analysis. Our services help the clients develop their monitoring and evaluation capacity, track the performances, and determine the program’s outcomes and effectiveness. Not only that but establishing the baseline of your business and performing management plans is also one of the services we provide.

With the help of our requisite skills and commitment to work, we work side by side with our clients and provide them with successful management plans. With the top-notch working lineup, CATD can efficiently meet your needs by evaluating the specific program’s requirements, monitoring its activities, analyzing the long-term targets and the current progress, and enhancing the performance by appropriate steps.

Marketing strategies and innovative moves are the keys to rising above the competition line in the market. However, very few organizations adhere to their associated deadlines and budgets; we support our client’s relevant movements and building strategies that integrate the main idea of building the business. CATD helps bring changes like, reducing the cost of research and development, and optimizing the product costs, to make it more efficient.

Personalized strategies have been our focus at work and so we implement our experience from a wide range of sectors. The workforce at CATD continues to refine and emphasize more on the strategies and methods in their projects. Our consultants are well aware of where the trends are moving and how to cope with the gap.  We can help you with:

  • Increase the innovative power of your ideology.
  • Reduce development cost
  • Raise efficiency in your product development
  • Enhance your performance
  • embrace the effectiveness and efficiency

The success of a business or a campaign is very much dependent upon the time and capital you spend on its advertisement. The branding industry has become centrally digitalized which means the advertisement has to be spread all over the digital world with a creative and appealing strategy as not everything is sold with mere words, hence, a powerful branding strategy can ensure a lucrative business.

CATD understands this need and is providing services to manage and execute advertisement and branding projects, programs and events. Also, to document, describe and implement a persuading branding strategy, the professionals of CATD can help in the best manner. With an extensive experience of digital and on-ground corporate industry, we plan our training programs with both perspectives.

Launching any campaign requires sheer hard work and knowledge from various areas of production, including graphics, videography, editing and its content and all of this needs to be covered in a comprehensive yet effective manner. Media production unit is the backbone of your communication strategy which enables any product to reach masses within minimum span of time.

The expert panel of CATD with its media professionals works to promote your business to the potential customers by utilizing creative concepts, supervising the implantation, scheduling the tasks and managing each and every aspect of the project. The purpose is to make the final productive so productive and relatable by utilizing the latest communication means that the audience is able to connect with it.


The world is evolving every day and so are the strategies and learning patterns, we understand this factor and so Learning and Evaluation is one of the core approaches of CATD. It is crucial to carry out an inform review or in case of any new policy, a service review to know if it will have an impact on the people being applied to. The impact can never be maximized unless it is assessed properly and CATD utilizes all those methods to have a proper review prior to the performance and training.

The Impact Assessment shall be based on the following concepts.

  • To maximize the positive/productive impact.
  • To minimize or remove any negative impact.
  • The necessity of the service or practice and its alternative.