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The Center for Awareness, Training and Development provides an unbeatable consultancy service that is both relevant and informative with respect to risqué business issues. Their solutions have helped us pave a road map to achieve our business goals, without wasting unnecessary time.

Haider Miraj
Director, Askolay

Enrolling into CATDs training programs can not only help small business owners understand key financial and marketing techniques, it’s a gold mine for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn leadership and managerial techniques.

Osama izhar
Founder/CEO , Concept unlimited

In the rapidly changing world just the idea of an enterprise is not enough to start one! There are many skills and expertise required to start-up and develop an enterprise. Today’s market is almost saturated with businesses and ideas available for every problem that people face. Everyone needs Professional assistance required for developing and sustaining an enterprise and make the enterprise stand out and make its place in the market.  Our Enterprise training and development services strive to empower entrepreneurs by providing fundamental growth to small-medium sized enterprises and companies which makes them utilize appropriate technologies, enhance skills and maximize human capita to be productively compatible in the global market. This leads to long-term economic stability which ultimately contributes in a sustainable society which is the vision of CATD. 

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Our professional Project Management Team will help you to: 

  • Develop entrepreneurial attitude and mindset 
  • Understand market and customer identification 
  • Design effective business model and alternative revenue streams 
  • Enterprise Branding and Marketing 
  • Develop enterprise elevator pitch for investors/donors  
  • Developing People, Processes and Procedures  
  • Enhance leadership capabilities to scaleup  
  • Developing Product/Service as in ideation  
  • Operational efficiency and money management 

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The stage where problems are analyzed and processed into innovative and dynamic ideas is a critical one which is to ensure that idea of your business is worthy enough or not. Following are a few important principles of maintaining your business and enterprise development. 

So how can CATD help you in this regard? Our consulting firm helps businesses succeed by training individuals and organizations in the core values of development, management, and improvement. We believe that each individual in a team holds key value in business growth and we strive to create a team that is productive and can tackle today’s challenges.   

Once you have a clear understanding about your idea or business, it is time to register it. Besides the obvious advantages of registration, such as, settlement of Claims, Protection of Rights, Protection of Property and Protection to creditors. 

 A registered business also produces confidence in the public and employees which improves your reputation. Firm registration also opens door to government facilities and brings in more investors.  All of this requires a clear insight about the procedure and its technicalities, which can be delivered to you by CATD. 

CATD is a platform that can help you in all the stages of building your enterprise. How are companies formed? A company is made adequately into existence when it is appropriately registered under the Act, and a certificate is issued. 

The requirements for a new business include legal setup, and it gives the best structure which is all the paperwork and properties of your business. The authentication of your ownership of the organization is mandatory for the legal activities such as raising capital. And with an experienced legal panel, CATD can address the needs of business professionals. Sculpting your business structure and building it for a more effective response in the longer run is all one requires to ensure its growth. 

Enterprise profiling is critical for any business as it helps create a profile for your audience and employee on which you can base your business strategy and is a collection of user data. They are strategic assets that unites Human Capital Management and certified information which has to be handled cautiously. 

CATD helps you create a methodology to collect such information and ways to incorporate it successfully and effectively into your business to achieve optimum growth.  

If you want your business to succeed, you need to adapt a legal structure which comprises of appropriate documentation, timely tax payments, and taking care of financial statements which is the prerequisite for any business. Improper management of finances cannot only cripple your business but can also deter your reputation and confidence among your peers and industry, so CATD can help you in managing the accounting and taxation for your business promptly and making sure your business fulfills all the necessary requirements. 

Branding your business might be a turning point for you, after which all that’s left is the act of promoting or selling the product. In simple words, promoting your brand helps in gaining customers in no time. CATD’s dedicated team of branding and marketing management knows all effective strategies that may be useful in making your brand directly available for the customers. 

The market is constantly evolving and so should your business. To keep up with the times, it is important that you have a proper business development strategy in place which provides your business multiple opportunities to expand its market by utilizing the current resources of the company and standing out from their competitors. 

From sustainability, scalability, and profitability, CATD makes your business better. The strategic planning and growth of your business are in the hands of our team. Developing your business from scratch or upgrading it with vulnerable skills is our ability. 

An organization in incomplete without its employees and a healthy business is only possible when the team members are satisfied. To create a well-orientated and operated business, a human resource management strategy is required. A well-thought-out strategy helps in identifying your employees, their requirements, and their work ethics and also helps in maximizing their potential and growth by improving the areas of concern.  

Our team at CATD focuses on human resource management and believes it to be one of the core values of running a successful business and strive to improve it with the available resources. 

Like a well-oiled machine has a manual, similarly, your business should have policies to reinforce and define the standards that are expected of your employees. A company’s policies and procedures aim to protect and serve the right of the employees. Policies also help in identifying acceptable/unacceptable behavior and work ethic.  

CATD can always be a helping hand in creating and attaining general quality guidelines for the organization’s plan. 

To enable and attain growth in a company, scaling is what you need. The ability to grow your business and to plan your way through is not as easy as it sounds. It requires great effort and time. To keep this approach for the long term, the organization should have a sustainable scale. 

Our skillful team members have a great approach to scaling and sustainability. We have great plans that increase the longevity of your business and are highly effective in your ideas. 

Monitoring and coaching a business is essential, and business coaching helps in managing your business and getting better and heftier goals. Not just that, but business coaching is discovering your potentials and achieving it faster which is mandatory for every aspiring-entrepreneur. 

CATD helps discover your potential in business, and our team members are equipped with discovering your aims and monitoring them. The exploration areas range from coaching about setting your business goals and evaluating your growth and success.