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The Center for Awareness, Training and Development provides an unbeatable consultancy service that is both relevant and informative with respect to risqué business issues. Their solutions have helped us pave a road map to achieve our business goals, without wasting unnecessary time.

Haider Miraj
Director, Askolay

Enrolling into CATDs training programs can not only help small business owners understand key financial and marketing techniques, it’s a gold mine for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn leadership and managerial techniques.

Osama izhar
Founder/CEO , Concept unlimited

Launching an influential and productive project isn’t the end of the task rather the beginning, as the project you are working for needs to be managed in an appropriate manner, which will be the real driving force towards its success.

For the past many years CATD is managing, leading, and looking after the entire life of the Project-cycle with productivity, effectively and effectively to save budget, improve work activities to achieve the desired outcomes and milestones as set by our clients. With our customized, flexible and open-ended approach we also collaborate and partner in multi-sector projects to produce quality services in the field of project and program management and our track record has a lot to speak about it.

And all those extensive parts of Project Management are expertly covered by the team of CATD.

Range of industries

Project Management Features

Our professional Project Management Team will help you to:

  • Research and Design a quality Project
  • Understand the scope, impact at the start
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Develop timeline, team, and WBS
  • Identify ways to save budget
  • Manage people and resources efficiently
  • Monitor and assess the milestones

Our Work History Sector-Wise

Our Solutions

When initiating a project, there are necessary things to be kept in mind and discussed on priority among the investors and other business officials. One of them is the feasibility of the project, which will enable us to evaluate the completion of it and analyze the hurdles that may disrupt its flow and productivity. CATD has brought experts of management sciences together from all across the globe, each of them holding expertise in various case types as to provide solutions no matter how complex and unique they are. To our team, nothing is alien and every challenge is taken as an opportunity to serve better than before. Our expertise and insight on a vast number of sectors leads us to suggest customized solutions by priorly forming a solid foundation of the case through intensive data collection and project feasibility analysis. Such a proactive approach of high-performance culture which CATD excels in enables our teams to smoothly achieve your project completion goals.

Once the project has been initiated then comes the actual task of implementing and executing it successfully. Project management has comprehensive working, which starts from its basic design to the massive structure, then the division of responsibilities and assigning of tasks. There is an array of process building blocks of an advanced, efficient, and strong project management structure. CATD takes pride in holding the reigns of its clients’ projects that were worsening day by day and then taking them to the heights of success by implementing a dexterous plethora of strategies at each step. No matter how many stages a business case involves for its project management, CATD exhibits mastery in every possible stage. By forming a customized mix of hacks for project management, right from core designing to thorough and full-fledged implementation, CATD ensures that successful project results are delivered on time with safety while also staying within your desired budget scope. With services as advance, systematic, tech-driven and solution-oriented as CATD’s, you rise above all your business rivals, challenges and impossibilities within a short period.

Assigning work is not a conclusion of work on your end as the resources employed in it have to be managed effectively as well. Resource management is a skill of its own which is compulsory for the everyone involved in the process, especially the decision makers, business managers and supervisors who should be trained for it. At CATD, we understand the need of handling resource, no matter monetary, logistic or human, in an appropriate manner and so we offer trainings for it which are a highlighted part of our Project Management program.

The capability of the team directly impacts the overall project performance. The more efficient team is, the better the chances of project completion in the best possible way. Thus, hiring a productive, skillful team as well as improving productivity and skills of the existing team becomes an integral project development element. The Capacity Building of the team is the key player in maximizing the outcome for the project. CATD considers workforce as a fundamental organizational asset. Therefore, CATD makes sure that its clients retain the best project outcomes by priorly investing and employing a workers’ clan in the human resource training. These full-scale, highly qualifying trainings are organized regularly before a project is initiated to generate relevant proficiency. Additionally, the trainings are given time to time during project so that performances stay flawless. This way, CATD ensures achievement of end goals as every individual involved in the project, right from top management to the bottom one, stay motivated and capable enough to contribute with their best.

Once work is planned and scheduled, it needs to be performed and monitored and evaluated throughout the project and further even after the project has been completed so that tasks are managed, and goals are achieved accordingly. This is why, regardless of the area of work, monitoring and evaluation becomes a necessity for maintaining project excellence. CATD has that strong monitoring and evaluating criteria which incorporates close judgements, case studies, situational analysis, rational discussions, and plan changes when needed so that project outcomes generated are nothing but fruitful. Such a proactive, agile, and super focused monitoring and evaluation standards of CATD encourages its clients to freely sketch their future targets and expect that those targets will be achieved within the planned time scope, too. This Monitoring and Evaluation department is one of the core areas of CATD which maintains a record of delivering expert, creative, attentive, resonating and unbiased evaluation reports.

The process that takes the goals, objectives, learning, and implementation all into consideration and is a comprehensive guide to what one should know and should be able to do. It comprises specifically educational and training programs. CATD has developed a superior service that serves in a great deal of time. We invest in the best ideas and design an educational program.

Curriculum development is an ongoing and multi-step service program with our highly skilled professionals who adhere to years of experience in education and training. These experts plan the curriculum starting by assessing and understanding the issues and develop the right plan. The results we provide are all the utensils required for coaches to involve audiences and convey their message. CATD is functioning with a panel of professionals who have their expertise in the Training and Development industry and a clear insight into the Curriculum Design perspective.

Thus, our Training Need Assessment is accompanied by all the content related to the subject, descriptive subject matter, and various interactive activities.

Operating a program isn’t as easy as it requires constant monitoring of the data and implemented processes to evaluate the result and outcomes from those utilized procedures. We help NGOs and FBO’s in evaluating their programs and performances. At the same time, the demand for monitoring and evaluation increases with the developing countries, which requires more significant analysis. Our services help the clients develop their monitoring and evaluation capacity, track the performances, and determine the program’s outcomes and effectiveness. Not only that but establishing the baseline of your business and performing management plans is also one of the services we provide.

With the help of our requisite skills and commitment to work, we work side by side with our clients and provide them with successful management plans. With the top-notch working lineup, CATD can efficiently meet your needs by evaluating the specific program’s requirements, monitoring its activities, analyzing the long-term targets and the current progress, and enhancing the performance by appropriate steps.

Event management is an extensive domain powered by a lot of forces and skills. Any project can’t be accomplished without successfully training its workers clan, practicing event management tactics and managing logistics and staying within budget, right while never ignoring the event deadline. This makes event execution become the topmost priority of Project Managers if creating an affluent event image is anticipated. CATD enjoys an eight years diverse experience of planning, organizing and managing all kind of public events including conferences, summits, workshops, panel discussions, and many other events. This has been possible for CATD because we are always attentive towards quality and setting the bar higher than our last hosted event. No matter how smaller or bigger the magnitude of an event is, we have been serving our clients and making them more than pleased by our advance services of delivering quality events. Our clientele also caters youth from different walks of lives to meaningfully impact their lives. We have collaborated with various schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to influence their aims through the following event services:

·         Seminar and Workshop Management

·         Conference Management

·         Promotional Activities

·         Event planning and budgeting 

·         Educational events

·         Documentaries,

Video and still photography 

With management as our core skill, the highly professional team at CATD is dedicated to deliver practically implementable knowledge to its clients. And managing successful events is of those thoroughly classified areas.