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The Center for Awareness, Training and Development provides an unbeatable consultancy service that is both relevant and informative with respect to risqué business issues. Their solutions have helped us pave a road map to achieve our business goals, without wasting unnecessary time.

Haider Miraj
Director, Askolay

Enrolling into CATDs training programs can not only help small business owners understand key financial and marketing techniques, it’s a gold mine for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn leadership and managerial techniques.

Osama izhar
Founder/CEO , Concept unlimited

Technology has become a vast part of our daily lifestyle in many ways. From staying in the home to work and delivering the work online as a freelancer to finding and meeting more freelance clients through online meetings, the internet and technology are important and valuable development for your business or organizations.  


With CATD, all you have to do is figure out what technology is best for your use and leave the marketing efforts to our experts. We are keen to facilitate you with the best services to develop better and effective marketing strategies for you. 

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Technology Integration Features

Our Technology Integration experts will help you to: 

  • Understand and identify Tech-transformation Gap 
  • Improve communication and accessibility 
  • Digitize your products/services to flourish your business 
  • Develop teach-skills to increase productivity 
  • Align and optimize your processes and practices with technology 
  • Develop platform and Application to maximize outcomes 
  • Enable yourself and your team to achieve competitive edge in the market 
  • Achieve innovative forward-thinking and seamless execution tech mindset 

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Currently, the majority of the world spends a major chunk of their time over the internet. Where traditional marketing tools like a billboard on some street may highlight your brand for mere few seconds while your potential client is passing by and accidentally takes a glance over it, a digital media ad keeps popping up at the sides of the page or whenever that potential client runs a YouTube or Facebook video. Yes, brick-and-mortar marketing is good but are not the direct interactions, higher levels of engagement and more personalized type of marketing a call for the customer-centric 21st-century world? Especially when there are around 5 billion active internet users today.  

How can CATD assist you? 

Our expert team of digital marketeers stands out in the industry by curating thousands of highly effective digital marketing campaigns that have enabled hundreds of our business clients to improve their online base. Boosting their sales by largely benefitting from CATD-driven increased leads, phone calls, transactions, and relevantly qualified website traffic, our clientele has positive records of generating big business breakthroughs. By integrating proven techniques with our tech-enabled marketing services, we set your business to grow online leads, calls and eventual large revenues. Feel free to start your business growth journey by requesting a free strategy proposal from us

The present and the future are digital, and the race for bringing the most effective business models digitalization to the business cause is already in full swing in the majority of industries, thanks to a fast-paced arrival and proliferation of a complex range of digital technologies. To succeed in this digital arena, planning out organizational goals and analyzing new strategies calls out for preparing a Digital Strategy Roadmap.  


How can CATD assist you? 

CATD’s practices its primary goal of guiding its clients to the best of all with the help of its highly skilled professionals team. Our digital strategy program closely and exclusively judges each client’s case, comprehends their short-term and long-term goals, and only then suggests an initiative that can prove to be a catalyst in generating an unstoppable business transformation process. A digital strategy roadmap suggested by the CATD expert team gets you started on current assessments to identify gaps between goals and reality and define the types of resources and actions that fill those gaps concerning the four domains of people, process, content and technology. A close comprehension of the key drivers for change and the ingredients that will generate a successful business outcome is our criteria for designing a digital transformation roadmap for you. 

In the 21st century’s fast pacing and ever-changing world, pursuing a digital transformation is an unignorable need for all the small, medium and large enterprises to offer pleasing customer experiences, form close engagements, yield enhanced efficiency, polish business decision-making, upgrade innovation, and eventually keep transforming the business process as a whole. By changing your business into an online marketplace, it becomes far easier to gain an audience. Moreover, with intelligent tools like SEO and analytics, your business might bloom as never before. 

How can CATD assist you? 

CATD always focuses on key influences to strategize the digital transformation by involving strategic decisions to guide businesses in a particular direction, risk appetite and budget to bring a prominent balance between funding and change or unproven technologies-related risks, technology enablement to judge and bridge the already existent technologies that businesses can set for leveraging their transformation, pace of change to define the speed and magnitude of change which businesses are willing or capable of undertaking, and business agility to increase business flexibility and adaptability to change. This way, the CATD team aids your business in turning from analog to digital technologies and transforming your strategies and goals into digitized and engaging revenues. 

For your business to win over the market, innovative strategies are essential. They transform and develop the company’s eCommerce, creating innovative business is a priority for today’s market. Bringing innovation in whatever you do is a way of approaching success. Such strategies require forward-thinking and seamless execution. 

How can CATD assist you? 

The CATD has interesting winning strategies for your organization to flourish in no time. However, innovation is one of the main ways of moving forward. Creating a new vision for the brand and strategically planning your marketing and finance for you will give a new life to your business and result in its heightened growth in no time. With innovation and its uninterrupted delivery, business stagnancy will be avoided.  

Training needs assessment to ensure that your learning is worth it, allowing us to look into your work and organize the objectives and goals of your business so that learning is possible. By understanding your needs, CATD determines the gaps that need to be filled. This way, we can produce and develop training sessions that are effective and work best for you.  The findings are the guide for aligning the organization’s current needs and thus implement counter-strategies for that. And this is what Training Need Assessment is all about, which is meant to obtain a blueprint that can be followed ahead during the training program.

At CATD, we understand that the core of training lies in being open to growth and learning at every step. Thus, assessment-based learning is utilized as our central approach for the capacity building of our clients.

A website or page which is information strengthening, nicely designed, and fully updated conveys a credible image of your business to the audience, resulting in strengthening your brand. A professional, good-looking website is a must if you aim at getting a spot for your business reserved in the modern marketplace. Having a website for marketing purposes positively impacts all areas of a thriving digital marketing strategy.  

How can CATD assist you? 

We know that any type of content, whether a tip or an ad, will drive an audience back to your website. However, this significant driver of online presence is possible only when you have a website or a page at the first place. CATD excels in building a website/page that entices customers to open your website or page and explore every corner of it. With an advanced amalgamation of information addition, design principles, and aesthetics, our team creates a user-friendly model that brings nothing but matchless value to both you and your clients. 

Building a mobile application for your business proves to be an excellent tool for gabbing a hold over an extensive market reach and business efficiency. A business application ensures that your customer has your business updates and usage on their fingertips all the time. Considering such usefulness of an application for business growth, CATD utilizes its tech-enabled services to provide its clients with a productive business euphoria. On the other hand, not having a mobile application for your business is a synonym of missing out on a big chance of grabbing a wider customer base. Thus, with CATD, you become an agile opportunist.  

How can CATD assist you? 

Our team is well known for the art of App development. Our professionals are well aware of the features and patterns followed to achieve an effective app that can help market your product or benefit your organization in the best way possible. With the peerless web development skills which CATD technical team is globally known for, you get your hands on the finest application with nifty features and easy-to-use, catchy user interfaces to lead towards a flawless user experience. Such a scenario conveys a positive, hassle-free, convenience-giving image of your business to your customers. 

The physical world has come to pave a depending way of living on the internet and digital devices. This has led to ICT usage becoming largely prevalent in our everyday lives. In the workplace, ICT is an integral element in order to run many daily tasks smoothly and therefore, many businesses of different sectors have adopted ICT usage already. For instance, ICT in the employment sector assists organizations in operating the business more efficiently, thus making the act of recruiting an ICT skilled staff becomes a prerequisite of an uninterrupted business activity. Moreover, having a command over ICT systems lets employees expertly pay attention to those areas of their employment requiring soft skills. 


How can CATD assist you? 

Realizing the importance of ICT in boosting all sectors of the economy as well as in building strong business skills, CADT supports all sectors’ individuals, teams, and organizations for redetermining and enhancing their customers, suppliers, and organizational relationships as well as yielding larger business profits, augmenting work-related productivity, and intensifying efficiency and effectiveness through learning, training and optimized usage. 

"I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them."
Isaac Asimov