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The Center for Awareness, Training and Development provides an unbeatable consultancy service that is both relevant and informative with respect to risqué business issues. Their solutions have helped us pave a road map to achieve our business goals, without wasting unnecessary time.

Haider Miraj
Director, Askolay

Enrolling into CATDs training programs can not only help small business owners understand key financial and marketing techniques, it’s a gold mine for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn leadership and managerial techniques.

Osama izhar
Founder/CEO , Concept unlimited

Training to develop the extra-ordinary factor in every individuals, teams and organization.  

We know that in the world of competenciesperformances, continue competitive market environment where human behaviors and work-attitude are the key the differentiators for all kind of sectors and organizations. We work closely with individuals, teams, and organizations to impart the required skills, knowledge and attitude to ensure success and growth through training and skills-building service in the shape of consultancy, projects, programs and cross-sector interventions.   


You can reach out CATD for establishing a learning environment and conquering the industry by utilizing the expertise of accomplished ones in your respective fields. 

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Training and Skill Development Features

Our Master Trainers and Lead Consultants will help you to: 

  • Identify the performance gaps and set standards to meet 
  • Conduct training/learning need assessment with quality standards 
  • Design and develop customized learning modules 
  • Effectively execute high-quality training to meet the desired state 
  • Equip you with higher capacity on latest methods and technologies 
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness to meet quality work standards 
  • Asses the impact of learning and development interventions  

Our Work History Sector-Wise

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Our Solutions

With the world escalating at its highest pace for entrepreneurs, various businesses are being launched each day, but not every investment reaches its ultimate goal of success. Therefore, the business incubation trend has taken over the corporate industry, dedicated to improvising the initial businesses to help them reach their peaks effectively. 

But, not everyone is skillful enough to transmit this artistry. Therefore, we bring a uniquely enriching experience that shall serve the purpose of enlightening aspiring entrepreneurs regarding incubation techniques and resources. It will also include insight for startups about initiation of a business and lucrative ideas to transform it in to an entity compatible in the era of undeniable change. 

Various complexities are involved in business incubation, which vastly includes management, finances, risk analysis, and enhancement factors. 

The services of CATD are not only limited to training, rather focus on generating  

innovative startup ideas, executing the business plan including the provision of funds and the enterprise development, mentoring programs are also offered which are beneficial throughout the business establishment process. 

Our facilitators will be focusing on some significant areas for this training program based on the following courses. 

  1. Introduction to Business Incubation
  2. Establishing a Business Incubator
  3. Financial Management 
  4. Success rate and risk evaluation
  5. Managing and Monitoring of Business Incubator 
  6. Commercialization through Business Incubation
  7. Advanced technology for Business Incubation 

The world paradigm is shifting daily in the business world; organizations and companies are expanding their businesses by adapting to the present-day tactics. 

But, to lead them effectively is an art not known to many, and this is why leadership and management are so critical as they can drive any firm to the shores of success.  

The leads of your boat can pave the way by intricately-designed development programs of  

CATD. With hands-on experience of extensive Leadership Training and Management, we have practiced the idea of making leadership an individualized experience, CATD can assist you in uplifting the high-potential employees for leading their subordinates in the most productive manner. 

CATD is a leader who realizes the core of management and training, which is preached by our Master Trainers and Business Leaders with a combination of courses. 

  1. Explore the Leader in You
  2. Team Building
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Leading an Organization
  6. Leadership Techniques

Soft skills are considered the pavement to a wholesome career but the personal aspect of an individual cannot be neglected that has a direct relationship to its wellbeing. Soft Skills are as significant as the tangible skills, and working on them should be the prioritized for a life-changing experience.  


The overall growth boosts up when its individuals’ needs are analyzed and taken care of, and training programs directed towards not only enhancing their potential but addressing their emotional needs and fulfilling them. 


The Personal Development panel of CATD along with Master Trainers and Mental Health counselors understand this need and have lined up a team to facilitate such courses. 

  • Effective Communication 
  • Active Listening 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Stress Management 
  • Confidence Counselling 
  • Personality Development 


The world is turning into a digitalized hub with every passing day so the worth of Digital Skills has over-taken the rest of the tools, as now the branding and advertisement industry is dependent on it the most for operating and expanding businesses. Not only the corporate sector, but the education and development along with small-scale businesses and the public sector are also its beneficiaries. 

A powerful way of engaging more audiences and increasing the traffic of your virtual business for its promotion and growth has been introduced by Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. 

The Digital Sector offers vast areas of knowledge while some set of skills are mandatory for entrepreneurs pertaining to specific use. 

At CATD, we realize the importance of Digital Skills, so we have lined up experts who are well-aware of these tactics and can train your team in the best ways. The courses taught during this training program include.  

  1. Introduction to Digital Skills
  2. Digital Marketing Basics 
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Generation for Website 
  5. Advanced Digital Technology

While we are learning and sharpening our skills, some of them are dedicated to getting you a source of earning. Such skill is convenient and must be promoted across organizations for financial empowerment. 

Although, these include various kinds of skills, some of which are domestic and home-based while some are needed in industry and technical stuff.  

It is necessary to some formal and informal skills to survive in days of uncertainty and to support a sustainable environment. And such training help in community building while enabling someone to stand on their own and experience independence. 

CATD is functioning with an approach to accommodate various types of learnings together. Thus, we have a technical and vocational team trained to transmit this knowledge to the Learners by practical methods. 

There are some areas of learning which are focused by CATD in this training program. 

  • Electronic technology 
  • Healthcare and beauty 
  • Medical technology 
  • Planning and Service 
  • Tourism Management 

For successful individuals, teams, and organizations Learning Impact Assessment is the core of each learning and development program, project, or intervention to ensure undaunted growth and progress, which is essential to excel in this competitive era. 

Having a pool of experts in Learning Impact Assessment, we develop and evolve capacity assessments, and training requires assessment systems, need-based monitoring, and evaluation structure for the development and learning programs and projects. We partner with our clients in increasing the value, impact, and sustainability of their programming by keeping a check on performance and progress. Our support is extended to use evidence from delivery to learn and ameliorate and to make better-informed decisions on learning and development projects, programs and policies. Improving accountability helps build trust with stakeholders. 

It can be attained by exhibiting processes to measure the effectiveness of your learning and development program, intensifying employee performance through coaching and constructive feedback, which plays an effective role in the growth of an individual.   

The methods involved in this assessment are both, Qualitative and Quantitative data collection and analysis, Impact, process and portfolio evaluations, Contribution analysis, Experimental and quasi-experimental techniques, Participatory methods, including outcomes harvesting, Case studies, and Learning solutions. 

At CATD, the purpose is to draft and implement such solutions which are blended appropriately for maximizing the learning efficiency of the clients. 

Such solutions are perfect for: 

  • Onboarding New Employees 
  • Swapping Out Technology 
  • Switching Business Practices 
  • Customer Service Improvements 
  • Keeping up with Ever-Changing Regulations 
  • Merging Organizational Cultures 
  • Managing Employee Expectations 

Such solutions are delivered by skillful trainers as well as through E-learning models for the ease of clients. 

After evaluating the requirements of the client from various aspects, a Pre-training is offered for the demonstration of the implementation process ahead. 


The training material comprises visuals, presentations, graphics, and other digital tools for enhancing the learning capacity. Also, our customized eLearning models will be powered with feedback and help responses which can further ease your training.  

CATD understands that the necessity of Research and Development from the perspective of a trainer as well as a learner.   

Content is a huge concern in the training world; the impact is maximized when gripping content is delivered by the most effective training delivery methods, enabling the message to be understood, retained, and executed by learners. 

Training is a very diverse mechanism; no wonder there are multiple ways to reach your learners. Choosing the appropriate one is, however, a challenging order, which has to be performed with a critical analysis. 

Whether your aim is to impart knowledge, enhance skills, or groom behaviors, Team CATD has all that is required for.  

To determine the most effective training delivery method according to your need, we start by evaluating the options and how they align with your goals, target audience, and content. 

  • On-Ground Training 
  • Virtual Training 
  • Blended Approach 
  • E-Learning 
  • Public events 
  • Multi-part training series 
  • Mentoring and Coaching 
  • Bite-size training 
  • Podcasts 

The blended approach is, however, adopted as a combination of various delivery methods to make the training material easier to access and execute.